About Us

We are an Oceanic Arma 3 mil-sim community based in the fictional setting of the SCP Foundation. In our continuity, the existence (if not necessarily the true scale or threat) of anomalies has become widely known, adding another major axis to the geopolitical landscape.

Although the major players still fight to keep the most egregious threats secure and hidden from the public, the acknowledgement of their existence has seen an increase of interested parties - both private and state actors - as well as a swelling of the ranks and support of a number of existing groups of interest who seek to either manipulate or secure anomalies.

Wars over these anomalies - waged both in the open and behind closed doors - have become commonplace, dictating the requirement for more MTFs like Tau-44 to fight the conventional fight so that others in the Foundation may continue the mission to Secure, Contain, and Protect.

Mobile Task Force Tau-44 "Phalanx"

This MTF is a globally ready first recon and fast response force aimed at putting effective initial investigation and surgical strike capabilities into the hands of regional Department Heads, Oversight Councils, and Site Directors on assignment request.

With an emphasis on being the first force in position, as well as the last force to give up ground, Tau-44 are the go-to MTF for sensitive tasking where conflict with enemy armed combatants is likely. Where Nu-7 "Hammer Down" famously embodies the obvious, eponymous hammer, Tau-44 "Phalanx" is equal parts the anvil and the scalpel.

Based out of Site-231 in the sunny region of █████, ████████, Tau-44 trains for a typical deployment consisting of less than a company of soldiers, comprised of a primary HQ element directing platoon-sized detachments, further organised into sections of paired four-man fire-teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Check out the Apply section below.

Tau-44 has a handful of roles for players to fill. The main ones being Operative, Medic and Weapons Specialist.

Operative makes up the bulk of a team, they can be anything from a rifleman, autorifleman or light anti-tank rifleman depending on the mission and the needs of the team. This role is purposefully left ambiguous to allow for players to undertake various tasks within the same role and adapt to whatever situations their team might face.

Medic is a teams most important asset, they provide medical care to mortally wounded operatives and keep the lesser wounded operatives in the fight. While their job might not be the most exciting, it is essential to any team.


Weapons Specialist is responsible for filling the roles of marksman, machinegunner, grenadier or heavy anti-tank rifleman depending on the mission and the needs of the team. Similar to operative, this role is left ambiguous to allow for players to adapt to varying situations.

Keep in mind that some of these roles will require additional training to make sure you are up to scratch. If you would like to play as any of these roles, please let your instructor know after your MTFi and they will let you know how to proceed from there.

Yes, our task force uses a fictional ranking ladder that's separated into four main tracks:

  • Enlisted are expected to make up the bulk of our forces and provide the raw manpower to achieve our objectives.
  • Junior NCOs (non-commissioned officers) are expected to be highly proficient members, stepping up and provide small scale support and leadership when required.
  • Senior NCOs are expected to have a good head for tactics and strategy, regularly leading larger groups of operators and supporting complex operations whenever necessary.
  • Officers are the top level leadership of the task force, expected to take charge of operations, committing themselves to planning, directing, and supporting the unit through any mission or circumstance.

Within each track there are several ranks to advance through. Each member chooses the level of responsibility they want to shoulder; if they're interested in leadership, those upper categories become available for them to be promoted to. If not, they might find themselves over time ending up at the very top of the Enlisted track.

Promotions are usually handed out at the end of every campaign. Campaigns usually last between 3-5 weeks of missions.

Yes. We take our fresh recruits through a training course, which we have aptly named Mobile Task Force Induction (MTFi). Each recruit is taken through the MTFi to ensure they're fully acquainted with the functions and features of our modset, equipment, and procedures. We cover all the skills necessary to fulfill all the duties of an Operative under one of our Team Leaders. After that, you will be paired up with a senior member of a team, with whom you will operate with for your first few missions until you are ready to join a team of your own.

Our basic training is based off our Infantry Handbook, which is updated over on our wiki - reading through it will give you an excellent idea of what to expect.

Our basic training is very flexible. We need to have you demonstrate core competencies, but as long as you know what you are doing, we don't need to rehash everything. We'll only teach you what you don't already know - usually things that are specific to our unit.

Going through the Infantry Handbook will give you a better idea of what specifics you'll need to be trained on.

Tau-44 runs events on Saturday and Sunday nights starting from 6:30pm ACST and expect our active players to regularly attend both. We run a slightly shorter tailored mission (1-2 hours) on Saturday to train and prepare for the campaign operation on Sunday (2-3 hours).

We understand that real life comes first. If you need to miss an op because of a real life issue, that's totally fine. If you can't reliably make main ops, you can find a place on our reserves list - just let us know and we'll get you sorted.

We also play sporadic mid-week ops - these are optional and usually run shorter than main ops. These are typically used as a test bed for new Zeuses, or for experienced Zeuses to try new things.

Our ARMA server is brought up before the operation start time, and players should aim to be in the TeamSpeak server at least ten minutes before kick-off, join the ARMA server, and be ready to slot into their team.

At the posted mission start time - usually on the dot - everyone is expected to be on the server and slotted into their teams. The commander will then call for players to "OK" in at which point everyone will then load into the map.

Insertion methods, maneuvers, tactics, and engagements from there onwards vary wildly. You'll find yourself jumping out of planes, being flown into hot LZs via helicopter, inserting offshore via boat, and more. Objectives and tactics frequently change or are updated mid-mission. Your team leader and commander will keep you informed.

Once the op is wrapped up, we meet up again at the briefing room for a debrief - quickly going over what went well, what didn't, what we can improve on, and calling out people with good performance. Additional debrief and discussion from all players is also welcome in our Discord channel specifically for feedback.

Apply to Join

If you're interested based on what you've heard so far, why not get in touch with us to find out more? If you've got a professional attitude, a copy of Arma 3, and a willingness to learn, we'd like to offer you a position in our unit. We play on Sundays at 6:30 PM AEST, with optional missions occuring throughout the week.

  1. Join our Discord server to the rightbelow
  2. Introduce yourself in the #landing-zone channel
  3. One of our staff will get in touch to answer any questions you have and let you know how to proceed from there!